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Stretch Marks | Health & Beauty Blog

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TriLastin Stretch Marks Cream….Remove Stretch Marks Permanently!

For the men and women who live with stretch mark scarring each day this can be a very real, frustrating and often embarrassing concern. The visible appearance of a stretch mark any where on our arms, stomach, breast area, hips and thighs can cause a serious lack of personal confidence not to mention shame and a very real feeling of poor body image. In short, living with any type of scarring due to pregnancy, weight loss or even rapid weight gain can ruin your life. However, the question remains what Can I do to permanently remove my stretch marks? TriLastin Stretch Mark Cream is your answer.... Read More


Stretch Marks Can Effect Skinny People Too!

Know one seems to be immune from the ugly ravages of Stretch Marks. They can affect both men and woman and bust the myth wide open that beautiful, skinny people do not suffer the effects of Stretch Marks. It used to be that our society has associated stretch marks with excessive weight gain, due to poor diet, excessive eating or pregnancy. However, the new trend towards extreme weight loss and a unhealthy obsession with extreme skinniness has revealed a whole new category of stretch mark victims.... Read More


Pregnancy Skin Care Products – Protect Your Belly From Stretch Marks!

Pregnancy and Motherhood is such a wonderful time in a Women’s Life. It is often looked upon as the most unique and miraculous experience. The only reminders of this glorious experience should be etched upon your mind, NOT your belly and other tender areas of the body with the scars of unsightly Stretch Marks. It is true that Stretch Marks are very hereditary – it has to do with the amount of collagen and elasticity your skin is endowed with. The other half of the story has to do with proper nutrition, hydration and most of all knowing how to take the proper care of your skin during and after pregnancy.... Read More


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